1. Four Men *   2. West *  3. Music of the Night   4. Jane's Lullaby *   
5. House of the Rising Sun (traditional)   6. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me   
7. Zena's Tear *    8. Somewhere Over the Rainbow     9. Simply Janis *
        10. Grace *      11. As Years Go By        

All Songs Recorded by Jerry Harrison
* Written by Jerry Harrison  


........ Grace is my mother. The story of my playing begins when I was 6, on a
 spring weekend as I helped my mom clean out a closet. In the  bottom of that closet was a box of sheet music. It was my Grandmother's music. My grandmother had died before I was born so I never had the chance to hear her play. I was told that she had a dinner show on WLW radio in Cincinnati during the depression. 
When I saw the notes on that page I had no idea what they were. 
When mom told me it was music.
 Well my comment was, No mom, you don't look at music, you listen to it.
 She then showed me a cardboard keyboard that showed the notes above the keys as it was on a piano. Right then I told my mom I wanted a piano for Christmas. I got the piano. It was all I got and all I wanted. From then on playing was just a part of what I do. I never once even thought about quitting it was just a part of me. The song reminds me of the days my mother spent working in our yard making it the most beautiful in town. 


The melodies and finese that he delivers will take you on
a  journey through a musical experience.

Four Men

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  ......... I have 4 sons,   Jesse ,   Justin ,   Jay ,  and   Jeff .
I first began writing this song about 35 years ago and it took around 5 years to complete. So those 4 young men were exposed to all the mistakes and endless repetition of tiny parts of what seamed to go no where. Years later as adults my son's have each told me of their thoughts as they fell asleep to those tones.

Jeff, Justin, Jay & Jesse

Jane's Lullaby

........... When Jane (my daughter) was only 9 mos old her mother and I split up. The last thing I moved out was my Keyboard. The first time I played Jane's Lullaby was to put her to sleep so she would not cry when I left and was the last time I played in that house. The way it is on the CD is exactly the way I played it the first time. 

John Korell was no doubt the best rock and roll keyboard player I have ever known and he was a wonderful friend. John died in early 2012. He did a lot of the engineering for my CD's and played all over Wilmington NC.

I interviewed John at his studio for a public TV program and at the end of the interview I asked him to give us some of his music. I had my keyboard set up in the control room and he had his in the booth. We could not see each other and I had no Idea what John was going to play. 

John started without telling me the key and I expected some kind of rock or blues licks.

Click below to hear what happened and remember he is a rock and roll guy and this was unrehearsed.