Jerry started playing at age 6, taking private lessons from Carolyn De La Hunt  in   Cincinnati Ohio.  He played in many competition recitals in the area playing traditional classical piano. 
 At age 15, he took a year off from the classics and studied Add Lovejoy's improvising cords keys and progressions.  Jerry then did as many teenagers who play music, joined a band.  
After High School, His music became private but a constant in his life. Some of the music on the Album Zena was written when he was a young adult.  After moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, Jerry became a regular at blues jams at the old and now sadly gone Ice House. 
 In 2000, Jerry began again writing and recording privately.  Next was a visit to the Blues Jam and re met some old friends running a recording studio behind the Rusty Nail.  That was when he was finally inspired by his friends, family and loved ones to record Zena. 
 In 2009, Jerry recorded his next CD with center sound recording studios.  The release of "at last jerry" was at the Raleigh Convention Center during the Strut 09 Fashion Show.  Zena's Tear, Zena. is the artist who created the watercolor on the cover of the CD. 

 Music is a gift that was given to me by my mother, Grace, my teacher, Carolyn, and GOD. My music is inspired by my loved ones and I'd like to share it with you. 

When I left the post it was raining and foggy, Kind of a chill in the air. Instead of going to my car I walked down by the river, on the boardwalk. The battle ship looked so peaceful. The white Christmas lights from bow to stern and a white star on the highest mast. With the fog and such a black night the sight was incredible. I kept walking up the river, the rain running off my hat. I felt warm but I had an anxious feeling too. As I got near the Hilton I remembered the dolphin. Just before the RR museum in the water there is a statue of a dolphin. At times you can barely see her because of the tide. That night the tide was kind of high and the water was so very dark I was sure that I would not be able to find her. I stopped where I thought she was and watched the water. The rain was just a light drizzle now. As the water became calm and the rain stopped completely. There she was. I watched the water flowing past her so very slowly. I could see her eye.

I thought about the first time I saw her almost 12 years ago. It was a warm summer day walking the same path for the first time. The tide was low and I could see her from a distance. People scattered about doing the same thing I was doing? Living life. I had not yet recovered from the split and at the time and Wilmington was new to me. Even then I knew that this town would be good for me. On that day when I stopped and met the Dolphin in the river, I thanked her. Now on this dark night she is a trusted old friend, a loved one. Someone to go to and share life with, someone to listen to, someone I wish were you.

The melodies and finese that he delivers will take you on
a  journey through a musical experience.